• Gotta re-do the Grand Canyon!

    Gotta re-do the Grand Canyon!
    Don’t forget to visit attractions in your backyard! I went to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon back in 2015. I took plenty of pics but where are they???? I found a few raggedy ones on Facebook. Saying that to say…LESSON LEARNED. I have to do better. We took a helicopter ride from Vegas. Now I have to do it again because if...
  • Phuket is a PLAYGROUND!

    Phuket is a PLAYGROUND!
    Let’s get right to it. Phuket is a playground and the ladyboys OWN IT! I am very open and very well rounded. But baybeeeeee, I had never quite seen anything like that. They had no shame in their game and you had to love them for that. They identified themselves by wearing a wrist bracelet that read: LADYBOY. I’m like…. okurrrrrrr. It was a...
  • Get NAKED in Cartagena!

    Get NAKED in Cartagena!
    I’d have to say that my favorite experience in Cartagena was the mud bath. The El Totumo Mud Volcano was the highlight of my trip. To get there, it was about a 45 minute ride from town. You can book the tour from your hotel and a tour bus will pick you up. For less than $50 per person, the tour offered a soak...
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