A$$ in Amsterdam

There are so many reasons to put Amsterdam on your bucket list. This fairy-tale capital city of the Netherlands crisscrossed by numerous canals has something for everyone – from the Red Light District to the tranquility of Vondelpark.

But let me tell you, the Red Light District was a bit off the chain IMO. LOL Walking past windows just seeing A$$ was hilarious. Just naked women all over the place. I mean…can they display some “menz?” Tuhhhhhhhh

Anyway, I went before all this legalizing weed business here in the U.S., so for me, the aroma in the air was quite shocking. LOL

Not only the aroma in the air, but also in the stores. The way you could just walk up and buy all flavors of ganja was crazy to me. Maybe because I’ve never smoked before. LOL

And my GAWD, all the exotic sex toy shops. hahahahahhaha #FunTimes 

The real tea: I am a French fry kind of girl. So, one of my fondest memories of Amsterdam was the FRIES with mayo!!!! Some of the best fries I ever had. I loved them so much, I had to include the pic! 

 Here’s some info on Amsterdam:

  • Enjoy the historic buildings dating back to the 17th century and beautiful museums – the Rijksmuseum,  the Van Gogh Museum, and many others.
  • Walk along vibrant streets, hire a bike (and feel like a real Amsterdamer) or take a ride in a boat along the canals or go to one of the beaches in the summer.
  • There are many cannabis-laden coffeeshops but don’t be surprised if cannabis is not allowed for tourists.
  • Don’t miss a half-day tour to Zaanse Schans, a neighborhood in the town of Zaandam near Amsterdam with windmills and green houses of the 18th-19th-century village, or Volendam with old fishing boats and the traditional clothing that some residents still wear. You can take a GBV (the public transport company of Amsterdam) bus and if you get an Unlimited GVB Day or Multi-Day ticket at a pretty fair price, you will travel there at no extra cost.
  • You can also buy a City Card and get access to all major highlights and museums, public transport, a canal cruise, bicycle rent, exclusive discounts at restaurants, attractions, and concerts.

One thing that I regret about my trip is that I didn’t do an Ann Frank tour. So, make sure you don’t miss it. I might have to go back one day! I also regret not taking too many pics because it rained the entire time we were there! 

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