Airport Hacks


Yooooooooooooo Jetsetters! What’s good? 

I have friends who work for airlines and they all say that travel is picking back up! Yayyyyy! 

With that said, we need to navigate through the airport easily. However, this can become a nightmare. We can’t do anything about long lines or flight delays. Yet there are a few things savvy travelers do to make the experience more bearable. And, insert neck roll here, savvy travelers wear their Airport Swag tee. Find it here:


  • Have some spare ziplock bags
  • You might need them in case the one you put your liquids in your carry-on bag gets damaged.

  • Carry your laptop in a laptop case
  • You won’t have to open your bag to take the laptop for the security scan.

  • Always have an empty water bottle
  • Water is quite pricey at the airports. You can avoid paying if you fill your own bottle with tap water once you passed the security checkpoint. Check first if the tap water is drinkable. 

  • Take some snacks with you
  • Just like water, buying snacks at the airport can cost a fortune. You can avoid this by taking dry goods like candy, nuts and the like.

  • Take a sleeping pod
  • The long wait between flights can be tiresome. Some airports offer sleeping pods. You can rest and have a shower there.

  • Take the farthest left checkpoint
  • If we can believe research, right-handed people choose checkpoints to the right. You can try the opposite. Going left might mean shorter waiting times. LOL 

  • Bring a wrap
  • The temperature on the plane can be pretty low. A good idea is to bring a sweater, a scarf or even a light blanket. 

    Hope you enjoyed these hacks!


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