Done with Denver?

Denver, Denver, Denver…how cold art thou?

Don’t sleep on places in the U.S. There’s some fun right in our own backyard! 

I went to Denver right before the pandemic shut everything down in March of 2020. It was freezing. I was pressed to see the Ice Castles. Highly recommend it. 10 outta 10. My husband and I were like big kids. We had a blast.

We also visited the Denver Selfie Museum while we were there. It was a quick weekend trip and since it was so cold, we didn’t do much other exploring. But, all in all, I was able to scratch another state off my bucket list. LOL I’ve almost traveled to all 50!

It snowed while we were in Denver. I didn’t feel safe riding around because it was a total white out on the roads. I was scared to death. Ummmmm, sir…please take me back to the hotel please and thanks!

Unless I see something amazing happening in Denver, I’m probably done with Denver. If you know of something amazing, let me know and I may pull back up. LOL

Here are some facts about Denver:

  • Denver, the capital of Colorado, US is one of America's greatest cities to visit. The Mile High City (its official elevation is exactly one mile)  is an attractive metropolis, with plenty of sights and attractions.
  • April through May and September through October are excellent times to visit Denver with mild, sunny days. There are fewer tourists in the city and accommodation prices are lower.
  • With 300 days of sunshine per year, Denver, the gateway to the Rocky Mountains,  is undoubtedly an outdoor city. 
  • It boasts of several amazing hiking trails and plenty of parks that have awesome activities. Make yourself safe and comfortable by wearing sturdy footwear. Pack plenty of water, snacks, extra layers, and check the weather. During the summer months, mountain hikes often become dangerous with violent thunderstorms in the afternoon. Don’t be too adventurous while taking picks - the wildlife in Colorado can bite back.
  • Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana but it is highly regulated and you are only allowed to purchase 28 grams of weed. You are not allowed to smoke or carry open weed products in public. You can also enjoy yourself at world-class breweries. You can enjoy yourself at a variety of Denver’s world-class breweries.

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