Gotta re-do the Grand Canyon!

Don’t forget to visit attractions in your backyard!

I went to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon back in 2015. I took plenty of pics but where are they???? I found a few raggedy ones on Facebook. Saying that to say…LESSON LEARNED. I have to do better.

We took a helicopter ride from Vegas. Now I have to do it again because if I don’t have the pics, it didn’t happen. LOL

Here’s what I can tell you. It was freezing cold in late October. I had on a thin denim jacket with a sweatshirt, leggings and boots. Thank God for the gift shop. But baybeeeeee. I paid two million dollars for a hat, gloves, hot chocolate and a piece of bread pudding. The hat and gloves were very much Dollar Tree merch.

It was beautiful but I definitely need to go back when it’s warmer. Despite how cold it was, it was packed with tourists! We didn’t even try the Angel Trail. I need a do over. Who wants to go?

Here’s some info:

  • The Grand Canyon, one of the world's most iconic landscapes, is in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Two hundred and seventy-seven miles of the Colorado River run through it. Mile-deep colorful layered bands of rocks reveal millions of years of geologic history.
  • Unlike usual weather forecasts, at the Grand Canyon, we talk about the weather that the Canyon influences. The temperatures, humidity, and other conditions vary so much depending on the part of the Canyon so you are only comfortable in light layers that you can peel off or put back on. Don’t forget to take comfortable shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. The summers are usually warm and clear but in the winters the weather can be freezing and cloudy.
  • You can choose among various trails. You can’t make a mistake if you pick the Bright Angel Trail, the Grand Canyon's most popular one, and you will enjoy spectacular views as well as shade, water, and bathrooms on average every 1.5 miles.
  • The recommended stay is one to three days. You can stay at different lodgings, most of them located close to the canyon edge.
  • From mid-May to mid-Oct daily you can use Groome Transportation between Grand Canyon South Rim and North Rim.

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