Hated saying tootaloo to Tulum!

Listen, I played Tulum real SMALLLLLL! I was thinking…I’ve been to Mexico too many times. How could this be any different? Well, baybeeeee it surprised me. I was supposed to go to Africa for my birthday. Because of the pandemic, my husband didn’t want to travel AT ALL.  I got him to agree to Tulum.  We had some expat friends who were staying there for six months.

My husband was kind of happy because having them there took the pressure off of him taking my pics. LOL

Visiting the cenotes was my favorite! If you go with you significant other, be sure to book a romantic dinner on the beach.

ALL of the Tulum details are on @theflytravelline Instagram page in the highlight section for “TULUM.” I list each restaurant and cenote there. If you are not following us there, be sure to do so!

Here are some Tulum facts:

  • Tulum, a town on the Caribbean coast of Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, is known for the well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city and also for its magnificent beaches.
  • It is hidden in the heart of the rainforest in Quintana Roo. Soft powder sands, cobalt water, and fresh breezes, cave and cavern diving, mysterious cenotes – can even the most choosey traveler ask for more?  But there is more - a variety of lodgings and restaurants to fit every budget.
  • In Tulum, you can find cheap eats and sleeps. But we didn’t. We fine dined. If the highway close to the town center puts you off, you can find a beachside bungalow, but they are rather expensive.
  • The weather is best between November and December and the prices are lower so it is the best time to visit Tulum.
  • People in Tulum try hard to protect their flora and fauna, so be careful not to do any harm to them. 
  • The most popular eats are Tacos, Ceviche,  Sopa de Lima, Cochinita Pibil and Antojitos (street food) - Sopes, Marquesitas  and Salbutes. Cerviche just doesn't do it for me. 


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