The food, the fun…Honduras did not disappoint. So, in full transparency, we were supposed to stay 7 nights in Belize. Belize (for us), wasn’t giving what was supposed to be gave! So, we left chile. We hopped on a tiny little hopper (flight) to Belize. It held about 7 people. The flight was about an hour. I was sooooooo happy we did. It was ah-may-zing! I see why Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes loved it there so much. Rest her soul.

One thing I was bummed about: The government had just stopped the tiger swim. I was a little upset. I wanted to experience that (with one of the small babies, of course). But apparently, right before we came, there was some sort of incident so the government came in and SHUT THAT EXCURSION DOWNNNNN!

I must have gained 10 lbs. I’m not a pina colada drinker. But every restaurant was serving them and they insisted that I try it. Mannnnnn, why did I do it??? I ended up getting several per day. We even asked for the recipe at one of the restaurants and made it at home!

Here are some facts about Honduras:

  • Honduras, Central America's second-largest country, lies between the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
  • Honduras can boast of an impressive museum in Tegucigalpa, the capital, and the archeological treasures of Copán, one of the finest Mayan sites in the world.
  • More than three-fourths of the country is mountainous with breath-taking natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Exploring jungles, amazing Caribbean beaches, bird-rich lakes, and the tropical rainforest of La Mosquitia, the Mosquito Coast is what this country offers to you.
  • The magnificent Bay Islands with a ring of coral reefs lure divers and snorkelers. Travelers can take bird watching and rafting trips, see dolphins, or swim with whale sharks.
  • The dry season is between December and April and it is the best time to visit Honduras.
  • Don’t leave the country without trying some traditional foods like Baleadas, Tamales,  Plato, Típico, Pupusas, Yucca with Pork, and others. I ate it all!
  • Budget travelers can have a great time in this country which is one of the cheapest in Central America. The currency is the Honduran lempira. You shouldn’t have much trouble using your debit card.
  • Tap water in Honduras isn’t safe, not even ice in soft drinks or fruit washed with tap water. Don’t chance it!


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