How To Beat Baggage Charges

Hey Jetsetters!

Those baggage charges can be hella annoying! 

Discovering that you have to pay expensive baggage charges after you find a cheap flight can be really frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you win the battle against them. Most importantly, you can rock our bestselling tee. Check out I COME WITH BAGGAGE here:


Ok, here’s how you beat the bags!

  • Choose the airlines carefully
  • The number of free checked bags per person greatly varies among different airlines. Go through the airline offers carefully and patiently until you find the one that best matches the number of your baggage.

  • Read the airline policy carefully
  • The airlines’ rules can be very complex and not easy to understand. Take some time to read them carefully. Try to understand as much as you can to avoid surprises. If you are still uncertain, print the pages and ask the agents for clarification.

  • Be sure of your baggage weight
  • Never rely on an estimate baggage weight. The result may be unpacking and re-packing in panic at the airport believing that this can reduce the baggage weight. I weigh my bag AT HOME! 

  • Distribute the baggage evenly
  • If you are traveling with friends or family, try some savvy tricks. If some bags exceed the weight limit, distribute the items into other bags so they all weigh approximately the same.

  • Choose lightweight bags
  • Be very careful when you purchase your bags. Heavy bags will reduce the weight of items you pack. Never carry bags bigger than you need for the same reason. The bigger, the heavier they are.

  • Put on your jackets
  • You can wear your jackets and sweaters instead of putting them into your bags. Not only that your baggage is lighter, but you also might need them. It is often pretty cold on the plane.

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