Panama Please….

Well, if you wanna relax, that is. So, in full transparency, I didn’t fall in love with Panama. I’ll stop there on my way somewhere else just to experience an Airbnb that I recently saw. One night is my max to stay, though.

What I did love was that Panama had some of the best food on the planet! We ate 10 times at a place called El Caribe. You must check it out! 

The mall in Panama was AH-MAY-ZING! If you like ZARA, they had the best ZARA I've ever seen. I almost went broke. 

Also, you might want to check out The Panama Canal. We hired a private driver through the hotel concierge and he took us there. But why was Morgan Freeman…never mind. LOL 

Here's some useful info about Panama:  

  • Panama links Central and South America. The famous Panama Canal, cutting through the center of the country, links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Does this intrigue you enough to visit this country?
  • Panama City, one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in Central America gives home to many different worlds, various lifestyles, and customs.
  • They have casinos, a few chick clubs and shimmering glass and steel towers.
  • For me, it appeared to be more peaceful moments. Find your shelter in the quiet of the peninsula of Casco Viejo, cobblestoned and lined up with boutique hotels.
  • The tropical climate of Panama guarantees swimming on both Pacific or Caribbean beaches between December and April. Nueva Gorgona is just an hour's drive from Panama City. You can take a day tour there. Carefully choose your protection from the sun. You won’t usually find umbrellas on the beach, so bring your own.
  • Don’t miss an expedition to lush rainforests with monkeys, toucans, and other interesting creatures.
  • Enjoy the tranquility of San Blas, an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of more than 300 islands that belong to the territory of the Kuna-Yala indigenous people.

Although Panama was not my place, it could be yours as all of our experiences are different. Also, I went a few years back. As with most places, year after year, they come up with more to offer tourists.

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