Things To Know When You Travel Internationally


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Naturally, you are excited about your upcoming trip abroad (if you can travel from where you are right now). However, you shouldn’t forget to do some important things in your excitement. Here is the list:

  • Check your passport and visa
  • Your passport may be valid for your trip. However, for trips to most countries, it must be valid for six months after the date you intend to return. Man, I had to learn this the hard way. Me and my husband were headed to Africa. His passport was expiring in 4 ½ months. They told us to BEAT IT! We had to go to DC the next day and get my husband a rush passport. I was devastated because we lost TWO full days of our trip! 

    You must find out if you need a visa, too. That also means you should know whether you apply for it earlier or you can get it when crossing the border. Don't forget to allow some time for the visa to be issued. For example, we needed one for China and they did not play about it. 

    Make some inquiries about your driving license. It might not be sufficient in the destination country and you need an international one. 

  • Be sure of the safety
  • Before you make any reservations, first check the safety of the country you are traveling to. These could be travel warning issued by the US government or temporary alerts like weather conditions or other nature caused issues. 

  • Check health issues
  • When checking the safety of the country you decided to travel to, you will certainly find health alerts if there are any. However, you should make a careful inquiry about the vaccinations required.

    Don’t forget to obtain all the medications you regularly take. On the other hand, try to find out which medications are illegal in the destination country.

    Learning about facts concerning drinking water and food precautions can save you a lot of trouble.

    I have gotten sick my fair share of times so be careful.

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