Why Cruises Make Great Vacations



Hey Jetsetters!

Y’all know I like to keep it real. Big sighhhhhhh.

I’ve been on 22 cruises. Covid-19 has me questioning whether I want to go on another or not. I keep asking myself, “Why? What more do you need to see?” Truth is—cruises are so much fun! But after seeing the virus break out on ships and people being stranded. I. DON’T KNOW! I guess I’ll have to pray on that! 

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Now, let’s talk about why cruises make amazeballs vacations! 

  • Visit multiple destinations on one trip
  • Once on a cruise ship, you don’t have to worry about changing your transportation, carrying your baggage or finding a hotel. Every day, you will come to a different destination. If you can't make up your mind about which city to choose for your next vacation, why the dilemma? Choose all of them and still go to the same bed every night. 

  • Get the best value for your trip
  • Cruise fares might seem pricy. However, once you have paid for your vacation, you have almost all you need. And it is not only food and accommodation, but entertainment as well. Additionally, you can get great deals for kids. Exclusive lines offer even more services included.

  • Unpack and pack only once
  • Unlike other multiple destination vacations, you need to unpack your suitcases just once. You’ve got all you need on the ship. 

  • Cruise ships – an excellent place for gatherings
  • Cruise ships are great for groups. They are family-friendly with the activities specially designed for kids and teenagers. With babysitting and childcare services, you can steal some time just for yourself.

    Cruise ships are amazing for family reunions – for special occasions or just to spend valuable time together. They are also exquisite for friends’ gatherings and corporative team building activities.

  • Easy to plan
  • When you choose the ship, itinerary and your cabin, you have done the planning. This is especially important when you travel in a group.

    Great info, right? If you book one, holla at me and let me know how it was!

    Chat soon! 

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