At The Fly Travel Line, we know that real, genuine stories of baggage have the power to change lives and connect our spirits. 

We all carry baggage daily and oftentimes, it can get in the way. 

As Erykah Badu says: "You gon’ hurt your back... dragging all those bags like that."

Our CEO, Crystal L. Bass carries the baggage of a felony conviction, a kidnapping at gunpoint, accusations of a murder and more. Her mission is to use her platform to provide a safe space to unpack baggage, heal and overcome! 

Air your dirty laundry and unpack your baggage with us! 


  • You never know when your story may help someone.

  • You are not alone. Others share similar baggage

  • You have the power to change lives! 

We encourage you to view and share these courageous stories/baggage of inspiration, hope, challenges, obstacles and more. 

*Your story can remain completely anonymous. 

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